You can request a range and combination of Therapeutic and relaxing massage techniques.  Luka, the Muscle Therapist has worked as a remedial and sports massage therapist for over 25 years.

Assisting thousands of people with pain and injury, in many diverse areas of activity including Professional sports persons, Fitness enthusiasts, Professional Dancers, Performance Artists, Tri-athletes, Ultra Marathon Runners, Personal Trainers, Body Builders, Labourers, Hairdressers, Home Makers and Corporate Professionals.

Initial consultation are charged at the normal rate however we will usually need approximately 10-15 minutes to review your medical history, for this reason most people find a 60 or 90 minute visit most beneficial.

We recommend that on your first visit you bring any relevant medical reports which may need to be considered prior to treatment if you have them, this is advisable when seeing any new practitioner.

Price List

After hours bookings are available with an additional charge.

15 Minute Express Massage - $45.00 or book online $37.00

30 Minute Massage Treatment - $60.00 or book online $55.00

60 Minute Massage Treatment - $90.00 or book online $85.00

90 Minute Massage Treatment - $120.00 or book online $115.00

120 Minute Massage Treatment - $165.00 or book online $160.00

Sports Injury Massage Therapy

If you are in need of a massage or treatment of a painful reoccurring injury it is time to make an appointment. Luka is an experienced Sports Injury Massage therapist with more than 25+ years experience.

Sports massage is an effective form of treatment that involves techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point and functional massage. Sports massage can help make muscles healthy and supple, helping performance recovery and injury prevention.  The most common problems we treat are:

Shoulder Injury (esp. frozen shoulder)

Lumbar (lower back pain / injury)

Sciatica (lower back and back of leg)

Knee injury, Knee pain

T.M.J. (Jaw problems)

Headaches (hemicrania, megrim or migraine)

Neck pain and restricted mobility

Pelvic pain

Wrist and elbow injuries

Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage works to remedy or treat an injury, isolated issues or chronic problems in your body such as:

Headaches and tension, neck and shoulder injuries

Tight muscles, limited movement or aching muscles

Sprains, strains or pulls

T.M.J. (Jaw problems)

Pelvic pain

Wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage can assist with sense of wellbeing including:

Reduce stress and promote relaxation

Increased sense of wellbeing


Improve blood flow and circulation

Massage Training

If you are interested in small group training sessions focused on your needs and interests please make an enquiry using the form below.

Clinic Staff Training

Small Group Training

One on One Training

Couples Workshops

Practitioner Mentoring

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