If you’re in need of a massage a little relaxation or even treatment of a painful reoccurring injury it is time to make an appointment.  Luka Botic is the massage therapist at base 1 and has been working with treatment of stress and injury for over 20 years.  Many injuries and ailments can be treated easily with remedial and therapeutic massage.  To help you make a decision if this is for you we have a list of common problems we assist with every day.

  • Shoulder injury (esp. frozen shoulder)
  • Lumbar (Lower back pain / injury)
  • Sciatica (Lower back and back of leg)
  • Knee injury, Knee pain
  • T.M.J. (Jaw problems)
  • Headaches (hemicrania, megrim or migraine)
  • Neck pain and restricted mobility
  • Pelvic pain
  • Wrist and elbow injuries

Claims may be made with most government affiliated health funds depending on your cover.


Body Pain 

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