From September 1st a price increase will be effective $2-$3 per service.
(massive I know)

You can book new appointments, redeem and purchase gift certificates here.

If you are unable to see the booking system use this alternate link

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    Grant Jalland says:

    Hello Luca! How are you? Just wondering if you have any earlier slots today than 2.40? I would like to book for a 60 min if possible but was hoping for around 12… : )

    • Sorry Grant that was all I had available and it went and I couldn’t get back to while I was in session.
      I only have two spots available for the rest of the year both on Friday.
      The best way to get a time is to use the on-line facility. That is use the bookings page on this site,
      that will guarantee you any time that you see is currently free.
      Nice to hear from you have a great xmas.

    Brodie Geleijn says:

    Hi Luka, am trying to book online, however think I may be having issues with my phone. I’d love to lock in an appr for 1&1/2 hrs today, can you pls let me know if this is possible to treat a dance injury? Thanks so much- Brodie (-;

  1. Hi Luka,
    I’m with Nescafe Pamper promotion and receive d a voucher to have massage at Base 1 at 144 Adelaide St.
    I got your name card from the salon and wish to make a booking.
    Is there any available day this week after 5pm?


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